QDDR/FWD 2 years later

The Administrator will host Secretary Clinton in a QDDR Town Hall on February 15th. Released in December 2010, the QDDR (http://www.state.gov/s/dmr/qddr/) positions USAID as the lead development agency and lays out the capabilities required to strengthen the discipline of development as an essential tool of US foreign policy. At the Town Hall, the Secretary and Administrator will discuss the QDDR, specifically progress under USAID Forward’s seven reform areas (http://forward.usaid.gov/about/overview). Together, these reforms strengthen USAID as a modern development enterprise delivering quality, cost-effective results through: • Building local, sustainable partnership • Strengthening our core capacity • Fostering innovation. The Town Hall provides a unique opportunity for you to engage with leadership on these reforms. If you have a question, submit it here, and everyone can vote for it to ensure that the most popular rise to the top. You can also review what others have submitted and vote for your favorites. Top questions will be posed to Secretary Clinton and Administrator Shah who will answer them at the event. Please submit and vote on questions by 8am EST on February 15. In order to reach as many of the top questions as possible, please make questions concise and limit your text to no more than 4 sentences